New Year’s Resolution

Congratulations, Jillian. On January 5th, 2011, you finally figured out what your New Year’s Resolution would be. At least you got started in a timely manner and created this blog on the same day you decided that you even wanted to blog. You should probably figure out what you want your blog to be about, too. Maybe go read some books on blogs, or better yet, some blogs on blogs. Your goal is to write at least one blog every week this year, which means that you will be looking back at this post often and realizing how inadequate it was as an introduction to your blog. But the truth is that there’s really nothing that you could have written that you would be satisfied with right off the bat, so it’s better this way. You wrote yourself a nice little note, and you applaud you for it. And now you’re going to stop writing because the “yous” are getting confusing, even for you. Your New Year’s Resolution is started. Now get on with your day.


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