Turn Up the TV!

While sitting in my second favorite armchair, watching Wheel of Fortune and silently weeping that the Coug basketball game was not being televised, I decided to write my first real post in tribute to the unsung heroes of the small screen: commercials. I know, I know. The Superbowl is just around the corner (Hawks…?!), and everyone and their second cousin waits for halftime to see the snippets of marketing genius that some companies have paid millions of dollars to produce and air. But what about the rest of the year? Here are my picks for some of the cleverest commercials of recent time (no specific limits, and in no specific order). And yes, I’m well aware that I watch too much TV…

1. Grocery Outlet Bargain Market: First off, I’ve only ever seen one of these stores, and I believe it was in California, so I’m not sure why their commercials are airing in the Pacific Northwest. With Jim Henson style puppets singing a completely un-catchy jingle, these commercials border on creepy, which is exactly what makes them memorable.

2. Logitech Revue: I love Kevin Bacon, and apparently I’m not the only one!

3. Macbook Air: Ok, I know this one is really old. But I was in a store over the holidays and they played the background song from the commerical. I still knew all the words. Catchy song plus desirable, somewhat mysterious product equals great commerical.

4. The Magic Bullet: The most perfect of infomercials. Bright colors, a spokesman with an accent, intrigued audience, and delicious looking food. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

5. Old Spice products: Look to your other commericals. Now look back to the Old Spice Man. He’s on a horse, and he’s kicking your other commercial’s butt.

6. Head-On: These commericals are now off the air, and we tv-viewers are thanking our lucky stars. However, the marketing team knew what they were doing with the incessant repetition. “Hey guys! In order for us to sell more products to relieve headaches, what if we gave our audience headaches?!”

7. T-Mobile Unlimited Texting: One line makes this commercial worthy, and it proves that one line is all it takes. Case in point: “She thinks you’re super delicious.”

Last but not least–
8. The E*Trade Babies: These latest incarnations of the Little Rascals are brilliant. There’s nothing remarkable about the irony– babies voicing comments best left to adults– but the cultural awareness and comedic timing are always spot on. My favorite? The baby who likes to “flex the golden pipes.”

Commercials are a guilty pleasure of mine, and I’m not sorry that I’m beginning my blogging journey with such an underappreciated art. Just a warning: many more such posts are in my future. After all, if commercial-making was so easy, cavemen could do it.


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