Posted in July 2011

Sit Up Straight

It’s a funny thing to know that the pain will go away. Not evaporate, but sit in the other room until we can chat amiably about old friends and bad weather and sip tea from ceramic mugs. I will be more discomfited by the overstuffed chairs than my conversation partner, and maybe his eyes will … Continue reading

This is My Jam!

If you started singing “Oh hot damn, this is my jam,” then I applaud you. If you mentally pictured the scene from One Tree Hill where Skillz and Jamie are dancing to that song, then we are soul mates. Shout out to Kelli for inspiring me to make my summer playlist today! I usually go … Continue reading

Friday’s Lessons

As a real adult, I feel the need to recap the lessons I have learned in the past week (or so) in order to ensure my ever maturing nature. And yours too, because you’re the ones reading this. 1. It is necessary to keep one’s phone’s ringer on at all times (except during church) because … Continue reading

Thoughts on “The Green Lantern”

Ryan Reynolds. Ooooooh baby. Sorry, had to get that thought out of the way. My family and I went to see “The Green Lantern” last night. (At 8 o’clock! And I stayed awake through the whole thing! Yes, I’ve been known to doze off in movie theaters if it’s too late at night…) I know, … Continue reading

Independence Day

Wednesday, July 6, 2011 This is a piece I wrote two years ago. I’ve been having the same thoughts this year, so rather than re-writing my similar sentiments, I’m posting in on my new blog for some new people to see. ——————————————————————————————————————— July 3, 2009: In the past few days, I’ve seen many remarks of … Continue reading