Friday’s Lessons

As a real adult, I feel the need to recap the lessons I have learned in the past week (or so) in order to ensure my ever maturing nature. And yours too, because you’re the ones reading this.

1. It is necessary to keep one’s phone’s ringer on at all times (except during church) because even real adults lose their phones at the most inopportune moments and the vibrate setting just doesn’t cut it.

2. There is $7.72 worth of change in my purse. And it no longer necessary to measure this amount of change in terms of loads of laundry.

3. Always keep spare light bulbs on hand.

4. When describing dystopian novel plots, it is perhaps not best to begin the description with the shattered state of the world. It tends to be depressing.

5. My ability to knock over anything placed within a two foot radius of me is genetic and unable to be grown-out-of.

6. The ladies who work at the Post Office are very happy to help you when you have only one item with some complicated specifications about where it goes, insurance, etc. They are not so happy to help you when you have many items but nothing special about them at all. I have learned this three times now. I am considering making daily trips with only one item each day, to see if they will remember my name and hence not be so hostile. Future lesson to come.

7. Luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparation. Whoever said that knew their stuff.

8. Jenn is still always right.


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