This is My Jam!

If you started singing “Oh hot damn, this is my jam,” then I applaud you. If you mentally pictured the scene from One Tree Hill where Skillz and Jamie are dancing to that song, then we are soul mates.

Shout out to Kelli for inspiring me to make my summer playlist today! I usually go to the gym around 11 or 12 because that is the time when all of the moms have taken their chillens home for lunch. But today is beautiful and sunshiney, so I decided to take a nice long walk through my neighborhood (which smelled like dog poop, unfortunately, and NO, it wasn’t me, I checked my shoes multiple times). I got some much needed Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiencies are linked to Multiple Sclerosis and Breast Cancer! Go get some sun!

I needed some tunes for my jaunt through suburbia, and so here it is!!

The list is pretty old school, and a little cheesy, I’ll admit. I haven’t made a virtual trip to the iTunes store in a while, so the songs are a little dated. But, in my defense, they are also songs that I rarely hear on the radio, so it’s a nice change. My indecision resulted in there being 34 songs instead of my intended 25. I also have almost exclusively country music on my iPod. *If you are a country hater, your poor taste has no bearing on my life and I don’t need to hear about it.* I also really like angry songs. Summer is the time for letting everything go, and what better way than to scream out all the bad stuff along with the Dixie Chicks?!

I’m sure there will be a new list once I download some new tunes. And don’t be hatin’ on Total Eclipse of the Heart (which I’m actually listening to at this moment). My favorite Karaoke DJ from P-town does a totally sick rendition of it every Tuesday night, and it brings back fond memories.

1. Wide Open Spaces– Dixie Chicks
2. Don’t Stop Believin’– Journey
3. Larger Than Life– Backstreet Boys
4. Total Eclipse of the Heart– Bonnie Tyler
5. Feels Like Today– Rascal Flatts
6. Fun, Fun, Fun– The Beach Boys
7. Baby Girl– Sugarland
8. Help Me, Rhonda– The Beach Boys
9. I Wanna Hold Your Hand– The Beatles
10. Dancing in the Moonlight– Toploader
11. Here Comes the Sun– The Beatles
12. Start a Band– Brad Paisley and Keith Urban
13. Chicks Dig It– Chris Cagle
14. Knee Deep– Zac Brown Band
15. Johnny Cash– Jason Aldean
16. Before He Cheats– Carrie Underwood
17. You’ll Think of Me– Keith Urban
18. Tonight the Heartache’s on Me– Dixie Chicks
19. I Know a Heartache– Jo Dee Messina
20. Picture to Burn– Taylor Swift
21. Red High Heels– Kellie Pickler
22. Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy– Big and Rich
23. Finding a Good Man– Danielle Peck
24. Take It Easy– The Eagles
25. No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems– Kenny Chesney
26. No More Protecting My Heart– Jamie O’Neal
27. Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?– Thompson Square
28. Something Like That– Tim McGraw
29. All You Need is Love– cover from “Across the Universe”
30. Bring it on Home– Little Big Town
31. Born to Fly– Sara Evans
32. Whenever You Remember– Carrie Underwood
33. Do You Believe in Magic?– The Lovin’ Spoonful
34. We Shall Be Free– Garth Brooks


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