Posted in January 2012

Does Don McLean Know About This?

Recently, I have experienced a horrific instance in which my nerdiness has actually made life worse instead of better. It involves the grammatical ambiguity of song lyrics. You may go grab your box of tissues now. Now, I am an avid country music fan. Along with the poetic ballads, superstar vocals, and intense yearning for … Continue reading

At Least It’s Not Heroin…

I think I probably owe some apologies: My mom, my dad, my two sisters, my dog, my car’s brake and acceleration systems, the person I flipped off on the freeway last week, the customer who received the blankest of stares over the weekend, my thankfully-still-in-tact cell phone that I might have thrown in frustration. I’ve … Continue reading

Bachelor Ben Bids Blogger Bye Bye!

So long, Jenna the Blogger. We weren’t surprised. A contestant on a reality show who gives herself the title The Over-Analyzer? She was always doomed to go home in a fiery explosion of hairspray and broken dreams. The sad part is that she only got two episodes of air time to over-analyze her actual interactions … Continue reading


I would like someone, an astrophysicist or String Theory expert or religious leader of any type besides Scientology, to explain to me why Bad Timing exists. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. When life hands you a delicious breakfast, complete with tea in a cup with a saucer, sit back and relax while enjoying … Continue reading