I Knew a Guy Who Thought that “Juxtaposition” was a Sexy Word. That Date Didn’t Last Long.

Blog post ideas that didn’t make the cut this week:

The title. It was just too good of a post title to pass up.

People who honk their horns too quickly. I’ll give ’em something to honk about…

How much I love my shampoo. It would have been a riveting post, completely unrelated to my previous post containing an extended metaphor about showering which was not only clever but also inferred that I was naked the whole time. I just can’t beat that.

Quarter Life Crisis. The best part was when I revealed that I don’t fold my laundry but I do iron my jeans. I never said I was interesting all the time…

Neiner neiner neiner! Michele Bachmann is out of the race! A happy dance of joy and feminism.

Emotions vs. Writing Proclivity. I was once asked if it is easier to write when I am happy or sad. The true answer is that it’s easier to write when I’m angry, but I couldn’t really get angry enough to write about writing. Oh the irony…

Words With Friends. I know, I’m behind the times. My family is also pleasantly addicted to Bananagrams. Despite my extended vocabulary, the only word I can make with the letter “x” is “sex.” (Hehehe…)

The Bachelor. I am enjoying my favorite trashy TV show’s new angle: Pick a really boring bachelor and then completely psycho bachelorettes. There will be a full post to come about this, I’m certain. It’s television season again, and I am more than ready to boost my self confidence by watching people make fools of themselves while on camera. Simple joys, people. Simple joys.

The Relief of Finishing My Graduate School Applications. This one time…I finished my graduate school applications. The end.


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