Posted in March 2012

This is not a Thesis

One year ago today, the inspiring woman whose words you are reading right now had the opportunity to expand the minds of her peers and instructors. She pushed the boundaries of traditional academia. She challenged the stuffy, unyielding rigors of the culminating project. She almost didn’t graduate from college. That sure sounds like my fearless, … Continue reading

Bear Skin Rug

I am thinking about getting a bear skin rug. I am convinced that it will add greatly to my happiness. I have been coming up with reasons why I need a bear skin rug, and in all of them, the voice of the bear in my head is distinctly akin to the Honey Badger. So … Continue reading

Parking Lot Rage

Why, oh why did I get here at 10 o’clock in the morning? Everyone gets here at 10 o’clock in the morning. And what do they do? They take up all the parking spaces, that’s what they do. Then I have to drive around and– Ooh! Nope. She’s getting out of the car, not getting … Continue reading

The “M” Word

It was this past St. Patty’s Day when I realized just how destructive the “M” word could be. It seems unobtrusive, when examined academically. We say it in the right context, and it feels intellectual. But bring it up casually, almost cavalierly, and it hits home. Hard. Our party was, if not rip-roaring, at least … Continue reading

Reasons My 16-Year-Old Self Hates Me

Some people in this world spend their adolescence in tortured angst. They revel in breaking the rules, breaking the norm, and breaking the bank. After all, the world is there solely to serve teenagers, and yet often leaves them high and dry in the unending agony of “You just don’t understand.” I had my taste … Continue reading

Every Girl Needs a Shrine

There are a great many things to love in this world. Puffy Cheetoes. Mascara. Joey Cora, former second baseman for the Seattle Mariners. Gluten free toaster waffles. Laughing until you pee your pants. Changing out of the pants you just peed in. Keanu Reeves in Much Ado About Nothing. National Chocolate Cake Day. I could … Continue reading