Posted in April 2012

Apartment Hunting

In just under five months, I will be packing up all of the boxes still stashed in my parents’ garage, buying myself a new couch and some antibacterial soap (I just realized this week how often I wash my hands…weird…), and hitting the road to move to the Land of Hippies, also known as Oregon. … Continue reading

If the Clothes Make the Woman…

One time, my friend Jeremy didn’t bother to move his laundry off his bed when I came to his dorm to watch American Idol. As a reward for my unflapping acceptance of mess (since I am, of course, the cleanest person on the planet…yep…), I got to help him fold it. Side note: Why is … Continue reading

Another Reason My Children Will Thank Me

I will admit, I have a list of baby names for my future offspring. The names will not be bequeathed any time soon, but nevertheless, they are there on my mental post-it pad. However, my family is, shall we say, rather conservative. My choices for baby names, while not completely outlandish, may not “just tickle” … Continue reading

There’s Something About Cookies

All I did today was eat cookies. I watched the neighbor’s kids this morning, took a short nap, did some work on the computer, and ate a lot of cookies. I finally decided to do some laundry. It’s been sitting around for a while. And then I had some cookies. I wrote a few letters … Continue reading

Quite the Slumber Party

“Do you ever get scared that you could have Parkinson’s disease?”– Sebastian “Not specifically Parkinson’s. But I’m not gonna lie, I’ve had my bouts with hypochondria.”– Wally “What’s that?”– Sebastian “That’s thinking you have diseases that you don’t really have.”– Wally “Oh my gawd. I have that.”– Sebastian The Switch, 2010, starring Jennifer Aniston and … Continue reading

A Somber Easter Conversation

Just after Grandma put the Peeps on everyone’s dinner plate: “I love woodland creatures with marshmallows inside.” “Wait. Any woodland creature? If I killed a squirrel and put a marshmallow in it, would you eat it?” “Is the squirrel cooked?” “Of course. That would just be weird.”

If Wedding Invites Could Talk

You are cordially invited to witness the marriage of A Blissfully Happy Bride and Her Soon-to-be-Hubby, as announced by Parents Number 1 and Parents Number 2, on A Particular Saturday of A Summer Month, in the Year of Our Lord Sometime Soon, at a Location Several Hours Away From You. ~~~ Reception to follow. Cake is a certainty. Aunt Paula will … Continue reading

Speed Blogging

At the beginning, we’re never anticipating the end. We can’t imagine what it will be like when things fall apart. It’s blissful, really; the state of innocence and optimism colors even the most mundane of things. And then there is bitterness. And then there are rifts. And then there are harsh words and sleepless nights and that … Continue reading