Speed Blogging

At the beginning, we’re never anticipating the end. We can’t imagine what it will be like when things fall apart. It’s blissful, really; the state of innocence and optimism colors even the most mundane of things.

And then there is bitterness. And then there are rifts. And then there are harsh words and sleepless nights and that sickening knowledge that something is dreadfully wrong.

You try to find peace again, but it is gone. The only hope, really, is to move on and make things whole again.

After a year and three months, the ending was mutual. And by mutual, I mean that I totally got fed up and decided to move the entirety of my blog over here.

So welcome! This is the new Brilliant Title blog. (Even on try number two, there isn’t a title quite brilliant enough.)

I promise you that all of my old work, no matter how pitiful it may be, is here on this site. To prove it, we’re going to do a little speed blogging. You never know what kind of connection you might make!


Hi! My name is Jillian, sometimes I go by Jill, but I’m only Jillie to my family and a select few from elementary school. Well, let’s see. What else to tell you…

My jobs (yes, I work several) really aren’t all that exciting, except when random people offer me life advice. I have many aspirations, such as becoming an astronaut and revolutionizing the dating world. I used to work at a gym, and we keep a lot of secrets from you unsuspecting patrons.

In the mean time, I am returning to school in the fall for a Master’s Degree, and I’m pretty excited about it. I watch a lot of television (read: far more television than the average human being, and with no regard for quality), and I really, really love my shoes.

Umm…Nothing really makes me angry. I guess sometimes I get a little frustrated, but never because of silly things like grammatical errors or driving in parking lots or not enough caffeine.

Frankly, I am a ridiculously calm person. I have some quirks…I suppose…if you want to call them that…

Oh, and I am famous. Google Image for two words:

Butt Cookies.


Thank you all for following me to my new site! It’s going to be wonderful! I’m sorry that your comments weren’t transferred over (that handy dandy “import” idea didn’t work out for me…), so if you want to, you know, go back through and read my stuff and comment, I’d love to see it!

This new site is https://brillianttitle.wordpress.com. As always, you can follow me here and on Twitter @JillsBrilliant



2 thoughts on “Speed Blogging

  1. Firstly, I LOVE the title of your blog! It is BRILLIANT. I also think that was a very good introduction post, I feel like I know you a little better.
    It’s always nice to start over, and I will be sure to follow you!

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