There’s Something About Cookies

All I did today was eat cookies. I watched the neighbor’s kids this morning, took a short nap, did some work on the computer, and ate a lot of cookies.

I finally decided to do some laundry. It’s been sitting around for a while. And then I had some cookies.

I wrote a few letters using a pen with a fantastic ink flow, did some updates to a massive spreadsheet, and ate some cookies.

Technically, I had some toast this morning, some fish this afternoon, and several cups of tea. But mostly, I ate cookies.

Very soon, I am going to be responsible for the daily activities of dozens of teenagers. Most significantly, I will probably have to do all of their grocery shopping, which, as you should know, is basically asking me to walk through the bowels of hell every week. Before that, I will have to quit a job that I despise and not tell my supervisor why I despise it. After that, I will be teaching newly independent young people how to use a semicolon and why a thesis is not negotiable in a paper. I will sign my first lease on my own, with no one else’s name on it. Soon, I would like to have a cat named Jeffry, who will rely only on my good graces and the mercy of a Lord who I presume likes cats.

I look forward to every week night at 7:30 pm so that I can watch Jeopardy(!). (The show’s title actually has an exclamation point, but no one says it as an exclamation, so it’s quite a conundrum when I am forced to write it down.) Frankly, I’m a bit of an agoraphobe in that I don’t actually like going outside. Last night, I used the word “hooligan.”

Deep inside my soul, I can feel my inner 70 year old woman get riled up about far too many things. High gas prices. Incompetant drivers. Sore feet.

I’m taking suggestions for names for this infinitely wise portion of my personality, the one who is pretty sure the ATM is going to electrocute me and who is really uncomfortable saying the word “fart” out loud.

In the mean time, before I completely have to face the reality that is careening towards me, I am going to sit here and eat my cookies.


5 thoughts on “There’s Something About Cookies

  1. I’m such a pen nerd…what kind of pen were you writing with? Cookies really make everything seem better. I should make a batch.

    • I’m a pen nerd too! I think pencils are a waste of matter. Except in space. I know that joke about American astronauts…

      This pen has no branding information except that it is all blue. I’m usually a black pen fan, but it seems that I have comendeered this pen from a family member and it will stay with me.

      Let me know how the cookies go! I bake them occasionally, but I have this delusion that I can bake them quickly and then it always takes all day…

  2. Just found your blog. It’s awesome . I think you just described my life except that my cat’s name is Star and not Jeffry. Also it sounds like you are about to be an English teacher, yes? I used to teach English to middle school kids. Very interesting. Never a dull moment. EVER!

  3. XD oh wow. I never laughed so many times after reading the word cookie before. And you go ahead and eat all the cookies you want. And I love pens with good ink flow. 🙂

  4. I never laughed so many times because of the word cookie. And you go ahead and eat your cookies. And I love pens with perfect ink flow. XD

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