This Is What I Should Have Said

Remember when a lady told me she wanted to have my babies? And then when a man wanted to be my investment banker slash pimp slash sugar daddy? Yep, it’s happened again.

This week, a customer came into my place of work and told me she wants to get me an interview at The Container Store. It was kindly meant, and truly a compliment to my sales skills (which were nonexistant when I first worked retail three years ago.)

Of course, I turned her down.

Unfortunately, working retail has me feeling very boxed in. I can’t help but be hampered by the floating schedule. Another few months of discounting damaged goods and I’d be a basket case.

Usually, I’m an organizer, but lately I’ve had to put a lid on it. I shelve those needs in order to be flexible for my multiple jobs. I can’t be toting that kind of stress around with me; it really starts to stack up.

Not that I’m not grateful to this customer for her support. I don’t want to just bag her idea, but I need something with stability built in. I almost bowled her over with the news that I wasn’t interested in her offer.

Something better is coming along. Something bigger, more imaginative. Something that isn’t such a tight fit.

But you know what they always say: When God closes a drawer, he opens a closet.


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