Posted in June 2012

A Late Night Serenade

True art is about revealing the deepest level of our inner humanity. It cracks open the faults that we try to hide and makes them beautiful. It forces us to see that we are perfect in our imperfections, strikingly beautiful¬†our the darkest moments of truth. That’s why I love songs about booty calls. No recording … Continue reading

In Which You Learn About The Pain In My Butt

I’m a sucker for charm. I love antique stores and coffee shops with chipped mugs. I love babies with curly hair and little kids with lisps. I want a house with winding staircases and bookshelves as tall as the ceiling. The smell of old wood makes me want to sing, and stained glass windows draw … Continue reading

The Dressing Room Debacle

Umm…Excuse me? Miss Fitting Room Attendant? Miss Fitting Room Attendant whose job it is to pay attention when I walk up to you? I have twenty-nine dresses here. Yes, I know that there is a six item limit. That’s why I’m telling you that I have more than the limit. So that you can make … Continue reading

It’s Getting Ka-razy

My friend YFP, who has excellent taste in shoes, gave me an award! Because she’s the greatest in the world! And she likes me, she really likes me! (How’s my Sally Field? Too fast? Not enough tears? Ok, I’ll work on it.) The point is to pass it on and give seven others the confidence … Continue reading

I Brake For…Umm…

I committed the cardinal sin of driving: I flagrantly and dangerously cut someone off in the parking lot. Safe driving is on my list of things that make you an all-around good person. I’m pretty sure safe drivers get bigger rooms in Heaven, with the extra comfy pillows and curtains. No room is complete without … Continue reading

You Just Don’t Need To Know That

We have a pretty open and honest community here on the internet. I’ve shared a lot of personal information. Not personal, stalker-type information, but things that don’t just get brought up in casual conversation, like my childhood dream of becoming an astronaut, a story about the first boy I ever loved, and the fact that … Continue reading

My Real Friends Don’t Even Care About My Pancreas

I have an oddly affectionate attitude towards spammers. I can’t help it; I just love them. The out of context comments. The poor grammar. The flagrant self-promotion. I love them all. Perhaps it stems from the ego boost spammers give me. Someone, somewhere, probably a computer generated identity named Ginger, has created a random search … Continue reading


My insecurities hit an all-time low this week. I’m just not trendy, guys. I can’t even describe how excited I am that I currently have long, wavy hair while long, wavy hair is in, because usually I cut it about a month before someone like Blake Lively becomes famous. Then I’m stuck with a short … Continue reading