I Really Don’t Feel Bad That I Ate Dessert At Ten Thirty In the Morning

I’ve caught myself feeling guilty this week for not being in the mood to write. (The “write” mood! Haha get it? Oh God…I’m sorry.) It’s already Friday, and I’ve only posted one “real” post. (Yeah, this one doesn’t really count.) I’m getting more and more followers, and I know that in order to keep them I have to be active in writing and commenting as a part of this incredible community.

Writing is, someday, going to be my job. The actual form this career will take is still to be decided; I’m almost waiting for some opportunity to find me and yell, “I PICK YOU!” like CeeLo on the Voice with the creepy cat. Or like Pokemon. Which is also creepy.

I should love it, and I do. I love it. Blog posts and research papers– I wrote this really awesome piece in undergrad about Shakespeare and Aristotle. If you don’t believe me, it also had people baked in pies.– and the occasional story and poem, which are absolutely horrific. When something clicks (and that’s the only way that I have to describe it– the pieces are all there and then suddenly something shifts and there is almost an electric pulse and the ideas just fit somehow in a way I didn’t see coming), it’s almost a spiritual moment. You know, like when God strikes you with lightning. Oh, is that a bad thing?

But everyone needs a vacation now and again, and it’s definitely that time for me. I quit one of my jobs last week! Did I tell you that already? It has been a huge weight off my shoulders, and now I come home from my other two jobs and I don’t have anything to do except go to the gym and watch tv and bake cookies.

Cookies are stressful. Did you catch that last time? Almost as stressful as cupcakes and doing the dishes afterwards.

Not to mention that my retail job had inventory counts this week. No, I didn’t get any glass shards up my nose, thanks for asking! So I have been indulging myself in slob-dom. I drink a glass of hot chocolate every day, I’m rereading books that just make you want to curl up on the couch, I don’t dry my hair, and I am currently watching (and possibly crying over) season 2 of The Glee Project.

I also have two post ideas that are underway. They’re going to be good, I hope. And I’ll get to them eventually.

So this isn’t an apology. It’s practice. Practice at writing when I don’t feel like it. Practice giving myself some slack. And practice for y’all to read my blog even when I don’t have anything interesting to say. Suckers.

To be fair, I included shards of glass and people baked in pies, so I should at least get some interesting google search terms…


8 thoughts on “I Really Don’t Feel Bad That I Ate Dessert At Ten Thirty In the Morning

  1. Well I am new to following and fairly new to blogging. I did at one point make a schedule, but that was VERY short lived (one week)

    I now schedule something for every three days. When I am in the writing mood I write a lot and schedule in advance. When I am not it is okay because I have things scheduled.

    So far it has worked out and I have never gotten down to less than 2 scheduled in advance posts.

    Just an idea!

    • It’s a great idea. I always have two or three posts a week, but I work three/now two jobs and so writing time varies greatly. This week was just strange because I had the time to write and just wasn’t feeling it. Gotta give myself a break now and then!

  2. Was the dessert, Shmupcakes? Anyway, we all go through periods of, “ugh. There’s nothing interesting in the world worth writing about.” Glad you posted this, actually. I’m going to link back to this (or my procrastination post) the next time I go for a while without blogging.

    • Actually, it was a large strawberry-rhubarb tart baked for me by a co-worker because I worked a split shift yesterday. I ate it with a spoon as I sat on the couch and read websites that make fun of people who fail at life. It was a great morning.

  3. I like your blog even when you write a little bit of something not making any sense. On my blog I try to at least post something once a week. I went the entire month of March and posted something daily but then I felt the quality of my posts had not been very good. Now I try to post something at least I think is interesting. Whether anyone else does is something I’ll never know.

  4. Been there, babe. I think all bloggers go through ebbs and flows of wanting or even being able to write. I have had a couple dark periods (not like I was some psycho killer dark, just feeling kinda blah and not having any desire to write) and then I would get back to it with lots of ideas and fervor. Then the dark would come again. It’s a blogging cycle, I believe.

    And your current funk (yep, let’s just call it. That’s what I call mine!) would obviously explain why I haven’t seen you on my site in a while. Shame, too. I think you might have greatly enjoyed last wednesday’s post. I mean, only if you like the Bloggess and all. But maybe not . . . 😉

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