It’s Getting Ka-razy

My friend YFP, who has excellent taste in shoes, gave me an award! Because she’s the greatest in the world! And she likes me, she really likes me! (How’s my Sally Field? Too fast? Not enough tears? Ok, I’ll work on it.)

The point is to pass it on and give seven others the confidence boost that I received today. However, I’m scared of rejection and also don’t want to hurt people’s feelings. SO. Instead of giving it to seven specific people, I’m going to post it here with a caveat. If you think that you’re a badass super blogger who is under-appreciated and wants a little bling for your page, then here you go! Just don’t tell anyone it’s from me. You know, in case you’re actually not a badass super blogger and you end up ruining my reputation.

Whoa, I’m kidding! You can say it’s from me! And maybe one of these days I’ll hand them out to other people myself.

Even though I’m skipping one part of the instructions, I’m not skipping the other two parts because they’re about me. And let’s be honest, I’m nothing if not self-centered. That’s why I write a blog.

I have to answer seven questions and then provide ten random facts about myself. If I don’t do it, the next time I look into a mirror, Mary Queen of Scots is going to start the zombie apocalypse and I won’t have another date for eight years and twenty-nine days and my children’s children will lose a million dollars in a future gambling venture. Because chain letters are real. So here you go:

Question 1: What is your favorite Song?

“Colder Weather” by the Zac Brown Band

Question 2: What is your favorite dessert?

My grandma’s cherry pie. Or my mom’s huckleberry crisp. Or my coconut chocolate chip cookies.

Question 3: What do you do when you’re upset?

I eat a bowl of chips and salsa and drink a glass of hot cocoa. Then I put in Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings or Pride and Prejudice or John Tucker Must Die (it’s a sophisticated movie taste that I have) and I cry.

Question 4: Which is your favorite pet?

It’s really not fair of y’all to make me answer this question because I love my pets. I have to say that my favorite was my cat, Taffeta, who drooled a lot. That’s not why she was my favorite. Ok, actually yeah, that’s why she’s my favorite.

Question 5: White bread or whole wheat?

Wheat. I actually come from a family of wheat farmers. Not that white bread isn’t made out of wheat. It is. But you catch my drift.

Question 6: What’s your biggest fear?

Getting in a car crash. Also, going to the grocery store.

Question 7: What’s your attitude most of the time?

Ummm. I’m told that I’m pretty perky. “Chipper” is usually the word used to describe me. That is, when I’m not having crippling bouts of depression. Fake it til you make it! (That was not a happy way to end the question and answer portion. Sorry!)

Random Fact 1: My favorite color is orange.

Random Fact 2: I hate my fingernails.

Random Fact 3: French fries and beer are the ticket to making me your friend.

Random Fact 4: When I was little, my hair looked like Farrah Fawcett’s. Naturally.

Random Fact 5: I only sing karaoke when I’m sober.

Random Fact 6: I desperately want to visit Prague.

Random Fact 7: I don’t eat noodles.

Random Fact 8: I couldn’t pronounce my own name when I was very small, so I called myself “Gigi.” My parents, sisters, and cousins still call me “Geege,” not to be confused with my sister who goes by “George.”

Random Fact 9: When I call someone “beautiful,” it is rarely in reference to a blonde woman. And I’m blonde.

Random Fact 10: The fourth button on my sweater keeps coming undone. It’s not even the button on my boobs; it’s the button under my boobs. I don’t understand.

There you go! Everything you ever wanted to know about me, and you didn’t even have to pay for dinner! Now go give yourselves a big pat on the back and an award for how awesome you are! And I promise, one day, that I’ll actually start doing the award stuff, too.

Also, ten points to anyone who caught the reference in the title.

(You can choose which one you like best. It’s a free country.)


10 thoughts on “It’s Getting Ka-razy

    • After posting this, I realize that it might seem as if I intended some kind of innuendo there, but rest assured that I did not. I am just really hungry right now, and cherry or apple pie sounds amazing.

      • I did laugh about that just a little. You can rest assured that my grandmother does not read my blog, so she will not assume that any sexual advances have been taken. And you’re always welcome to come over for Thanksgiving.

      • I want some of your gramma’s cherry pie. And I totally mean that in a Warrant “She’s My Cherry Pie” kinda way. I’ve seen your gramma. She’s hawt.

    • YES! And your adorable card! I can’t decide where to put the sticker. Should it go in my new office so that all of my office-mates know that I am a lifetime member of the Unicorn Success Club, or on my computer so that all of my students know that I am a lifetime member of the Unicorn Success Club, or in my bedroom so that all of the men I bring home know that I am a member of the Unicorn Success Club. SUCH a dilemma…

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