Posted in July 2012

Bite Me

Hey there, I’m Ji– Jillian. Ow. What was that? Nice to meet you. Thank you so much for let– letting me stay here. Seriously. Something just bit me on the back of the leg. And it…Oh my gosh, it itches. I really appreciate it. Sure, if you could just grab that b–bag, that bag, then … Continue reading

Don’t Miss Me Too Much

Wednesday already, and I haven’t posted a single thing. Life has become scattered once again due to my amazing job. I am exhausted and exhilarated and totally blessed by the young people with whom I get to work. Writing takes a back seat for these next few weeks; even though I have a few drafts … Continue reading

Keep Holding On

One of my sisters is still in high school. She is brave and strong and resilient. She is optimistic and compassionate and hopeful. And she is daily challenged, even in the summer time, by people who are not. They aren’t bullies, per se, although they have a manipulative power all their own. Instead, they have … Continue reading

Giggle Me This

I’ve been sitting here for twenty minutes trying to edit this post and looking for the perfect way to start it, and I just found it. Editing. I can pick out a typo from a mile away. (With my new glasses, that might actually be true. At night. When I’m driving. Because that’s the only … Continue reading

This Is How Champions Are Made

My mother and I have quite different senses of humor. She is the queen of puns, and I prefer sarcastic remarks. She detests sexual jokes, and I could watch Kathy Griffin all day. I am a firm believer that a well-timed curse word is much to be desired, and (even though she is more likely to … Continue reading

Does This Couch Make My Rear End Look Lazy?

Last summer, I worked a very part-time job from home. “I need to work” meant turning on last week’s episode of The Bachelor Pad OnDemand and sending stock emails to potential reviewers who didn’t know me from Adam. Occasionally I’d go to the gym, but it wasn’t likely. If I saw anyone throughout the day who … Continue reading

I Still Blame The Girl Scouts

The guest post is up! My friend YFP told me about a second date with a guy and how disappointed she was at the end that it just didn’t work out. It got me to thinking about what role second dates play in the whole dating scheme. Second Date Smash is all about a my … Continue reading

No Dice

If you’ve become a reader of mine (I’m thinking of making you t-shirts and a secret handshake) in the past year, you might not know that Independence Day is my favorite holiday. I love the Fourth of July so much that sometimes I make a countdown starting on June fourth. That’s an entire month of … Continue reading