Posted in October 2012

Seasons Make Me Puke

This week, the Pacific Northwest is taking its first deep breath of autumn. We inhale and catch the slightest bite of deep cold– a cold that is just a whisper but will soon be pervasive and shocking. For many, this signals a turn towards comfort. Fall brings memories of school supplies and football games. We … Continue reading

I’m Cool. You’re Cool. We’re All Cool. Except You. You’re Not Cool. No, Not You. Yeah, You.

There comes a dreaded time in every person’s life when one must perform an act of the most infuriating and humiliating nature: Playing a get-to-know-you game. For you hermits or crotchety old men who haven’t changed jobs in 40 years, get-to-know-you games are an American tradition forced upon completely suspecting individuals when they submit themselves to new … Continue reading