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A Birthday Without Kristy

I still don’t understand how it took us over four years, carpooling almost every day for ballet or softball, to realize that we had the same birthday. Not once, in first through fourth grades, did we mention our birthday parties, and then say Hey, when’s your birthday? But Kristy and I didn’t go to the … Continue reading

Driving with the Windows Open: Thoughts on Easter

It’s the night before Easter, the second Easter I have ever spent away from my immediate family. There will be more, of course. My dad called from Spokane today to say just that, in a semi-encouraging voice: “Sometimes it’s going to work, and sometimes it’s not.” And then my mom mentioned how lucky I am … Continue reading

Don’t Miss Me Too Much

Wednesday already, and I haven’t posted a single thing. Life has become scattered once again due to my amazing job. I am exhausted and exhilarated and totally blessed by the young people with whom I get to work. Writing takes a back seat for these next few weeks; even though I have a few drafts … Continue reading